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Feb 7, 10 4:27 PM
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Welcome to the website for the legion Alatus Nex!!!

 Hi, I'm Knoxx!

I am the Legion Master and Sharwynn is my Second in Command. Sharwynn has the same autonomy within the guild structure as I do and is always free to make decisions in my absence. My centurions run most aspects of my legion like any good business so if you ever have any issues feel free to contact any of them! 

Alatus Nex is an Elyos Legion full of fun, friendly mature players on the Vaizel server of Aion. We love  to joke, and laugh and have a great time... we are not hardcore PVPers, Raiders or any of that. We are a legion of friends who do our best to help each other and our community.

We have recently added an Alt legion on Vaizel called Alatus Nexlets. This legion is in place for alt toons that we do not have room for in the main legion. The main legion currently allows for one Main character and one Alt character. It may become necessary in the future to only allow Main characters. We also now have Alatus Nex Dark! Our new Asmo Legion on the server Yustiel. This legion is for research purposes and when we just want a change of pace from Elyos. We encourage everyone to make one toon on Asmo side for the purposes of learning the lay of the land there and where and how to obtain things on asmo side that as Elyos we simply don't know about.

We are looking for funloving, mature, active players with a great sense of humor (some sarcasm allowed). We require the use of Ventrilo as part of the recruitment process, so that we can get to know each other, as well as an application. Please click the link somewhere on this page (hehe a challenge for you!) and let us know that you are interested in joining our legion. One of the officers will be in touch with the Ventrilo information as soon as possible.

Thanks for considering Alatus Nex as part of your Aion World!



FoxxyKnoxxy, Feb 7, 10 4:27 PM.
This is where we will be putting our Monthly Member's Spotlight!
The month of February honors our legion mate and Centurion


I appreciate everything you've done for us Sharky. You are always there
to lend a helping hand with info and guidance. Always willing to help a gal out when
I'm lost and just an all around really great guy to everyone in the legion.

Thank you. :D

<3 Knoxxy
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